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News: Store-wide SAD FACE and Badgers! BADGERS! sale.

Important announcement: In conjunction with lots of other Etsy sellers, I am conducting a 20% off store-wide Black Friday sale in my Badgers! BADGERS! Etsy shop. Except it will be Badger Friday. And to make this as fair as possible with running a global enterprise and all, the sale will run from 00:00 am Friday LINT (Kiritimati time) to 00:00 pm SST Caturday (Pago Pago time), because I want to make sure I cover a global Friday (OF COURSE I DO). Which actually equates to about 61 hours of sale time. I think. Therefore the sale will run from 22:00 pm Wednesday GMT to 11:00 am Saturday GMT. 
It all seems entirely plausible. Why do I do these things to myself? Honestly, this is just ridiculous… 
The Badgers! BADGERS! Etsy store.
Coupon Code to enter at Etsy checkout: BADGERFRIDAY2011


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